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The DeWitt County 708 Mental Health Board (MHB) in Illinois works with various service providers in the area, ensuring that the county's residents get the services they need.  

If you need assistance dealing with mental health, substance abuse/misuse, and developmental disability issues, please reach out for help.  We list various hotlines of national organizations and provide links to organizations and resources in our area.

Our Mission

The DeWitt County  Mental Health Board's  mission is to provide access to comprehensive, community-based services in an efficient and effective manner to all residents of DeWitt county with mental illness, substance abuse or developmental disabilities.  

The MHB  follows the DeWitt County Board's fiscal year, December 1 to November 30.  

Types of Services and Programs Funded

-Mental Health           -Substance Abuse  

  -Developmental Disabilities  

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Mission Statement

The DeWitt County Mental Health Board's mission is to provide access to comprehensive, community-based services in an efficient and effective manner to all residents of DeWitt County with mental illness, substance abuse , and developmental disabilities. 

About the Board

THe MHB comprises of seven volunteers who serve 4-year terms.  The general body of law in the State of Illinois, which applies to conflict of interest solutions, is applicable to the board's appointments

Responsibility of Members

* The MHB is an oversight body for the planning and delivery of services for residents with mental illness, substance use disorder, and developmental or intellectual disabilities.  This is accomplished through funding and by participating in a network of agencies.

*The MHB is responsible for reviewing applications for funding, planning, and evaluation of services, publishing an annual report, and creating a 3-year strategic plan.

*The MHB is responsible for administering a combined budget of local tax funding and other funding as available (e.g. grants, donations) for the provision of services through multiple organizations.  

*The MHB meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Vespasian Warner Library in Clinton.  Additional meetings may be called for strategic planning, meetings with providers, annual report/budgeting, and special projects.  

Membership Information

*Members elect a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary annually.

*Members must be at least 18 years of age and residents of DeWitt County.

*Members may be removed by the appointing officer for absenteeism, neglect of duty, misconduct, or malfeasance.  


Vision and Priorities

The board's current goals and priorities within four strategic directions include the following:

1.  Special Interests

     *Children's Mental Health Forum to Respond to Needs, Resources, Prevention, Intervention, and Opportunities for Collaboration to Support Children's Mental Health

     *Universal Prevention Programs to Increase Empathy, Decrease Bullying, and Prevent Violence

     *Mental Health Integration Across Systems

2.  Advocating for Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Developmental Disability Issues through Public Awareness, Education and Stigma Reduction

3.  Increasing Collaboration

     *Create LInkages Among Providers

     *Participate in County Coalitions and Service Networks, the Association of Community Mental Health Authorities of Illinois, and Other Entities to Promote DeWitt County Resident Health and Access to Services

     *Identifying and Sharing Best Practices

     * Leveraging Resources

4.  Enhancing Our Performance

     *Board Development and involvement

     *Knowledge of the Affordable Care Act

     *Knowledge of the Community Mental Health Act (405 ILCS20/) Governing 708 Community Mental  Health Boards

     *County-Wide and Population-Specific Assessment Related to Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Development Disability

     *Provider and Consumer Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation